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I offer guitar lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced players, including complete beginners. I particularly cover blues, jazz, funk and rock styles. I currently teach guitar at Greenwich Community College.

I've played guitar for more than 25 years in a variety of contexts, including with regularly gigging bands. I am the author of An Encyclopoedia of Arpeggio and Scale Resources for Guitar and I particularly specialise in teaching lead guitar and music theory. I take students at all levels.

As well as guitar technique and repertoire I can help you with music reading, composition and general theory. I also strongly recommend that all beginning and intermediate players expand their horizons by experiencing and learning about many different kinds of music, which is facilitated by my extremely large library of music.

The teaching space in my home has Marshall amplification, digital recording equipment, listening facilities etc, but I can come to you if you prefer. Beginners generally find that an hour is plenty; more advanced players will be able to cope with 90 minutes or even 2 hours depending on their specific needs.

Prospective students may avail themselves of a free 30-minute evaluation lesson at my home so that we can determine whether I can help you and what initial goals we should set. Students who book and pay for 6 hours' tuition in advance (at any stage) receive a free copy of my book!