IT training

I spent more than a decade working in the City as a software engineer, mostly at Goldman Sachs writing real-time software for a derivatives trading floor. I wrote both server-side processes and user interfaces, mostly using Java and C++, databases (Sybase and Oracle) and web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, EJB, JSP, PHP, CGI etc) and worked on the full product lifecycle from requirements gathering through architecture, prototyping, full build, UAT, migration, production maintenance and decommissioning.

The site you're looking at is built in Drupal, and I'm also very familiar with WordPress. I wrote a LaTeX preprocessor in Java to generate the huge number of diagrams (and some of the more mechanical analysis) in my guitar book. I'm currently spending some time working on a Digital Humanities project involving searching very large, loosely-structured datasets.

I don't have formal qualifications in IT or computer science, but I have taught an am familiar with A level ICT.

If you want to create your own website or other software, perhaps for a small business, I may be able to help you out either by doing it for you, by teaching you how to do it, or by a combination of the two.