Rich Cochrane

I guess you're here because you looked me up online. Or someone with the same name as me. This page should help you determine whether I'm who you're looking for and, if so, where to look next.

I'm primarily an educator, writer and musician based in London. I'm the author of The Secret Life of Equations and Maths Hacks, published by Hachette.

I mostly teach at Central Saint Martins and City Lit but I've done bits for The Architectural Association, Camberwell Art College, The Photographer's Gallery and similar places. I mainly teach maths and coding but City Lit graciously tolerates me keeping my hand in with some philosophy courses.

Minimum Labyrinth is my longstanding creative collaboration with Robert Kingham. We've created street theatre, nonfiction and fiction books, a coach trip and most recently the audio drama Bluebird.

My music since about 2010 is on Bandcamp (some of it's also on Spotify, iTunes etc). I mostly make electronic music influenced by modernist classical music, which isn't the huge money-spinner I'd expected. I still sporadically update my online notebook about music with links to my copyleft music-related ebooks. A couple of the ebooks have got passed around a fair bit so the site gets much more traffic than it deserves given that it probably only makes any sense to me.

In my previous career I was a software developer in the City, mostly working on equity derivatives trading floors. In addition to teaching coding I sometimes do technical collaborations with artists; in 2014 I made Low Animal Spirits with Ami Clarke and in 2020 I worked on Air Topologies for Matterlurgy and artsXR.

I don't really do social media but my LinkedIn profile gives a reasonable summary of my CV and is usually up to date.

You can email me at rich dot cochrane at-sign bigi dot org dot uk.