Rich Cochrane

I'm an educator and writer based in London. I mostly teach at Central Saint Martins and City Lit and write popular maths books for Octopus Publishing Group.

I'm interested in mathematics as a set of creative, expressive and socio-historically located practices. I primarily teach and write about maths and coding in arts and humanities contexts. Most of my teaching is done with Andrew McGettigan, with whom I co-write The Bartlebooth Letter.

Minimum Labyrinth is my longstanding creative collaboration with Robert Kingham. I keep an online journal about music with links to my copyleft music-related ebooks. Some of my music is on Bandcamp but that's now quite old. In 2014 I made Low Animal Spirits with Ami Clarke.

In my previous career I was a financial software engineer. I've done a lot of databases, websites and middleware / back end stuff. I tinker with analogue electronics. I have (separate) degrees in Literature and Mathematics and a PhD in Philosophy.

I don't really do social media but my LinkedIn profile gives a reasonable summary of my CV and is usually up to date.

You can email me at rich dot cochrane at-sign bigi dot org dot uk.